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   Explorer Camps


A Great Place for Students new to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to start.

Available to ages 9-17



Below are the dates and times of all the sessions.  Classes will be in-person.  You can register using the  Sign Up  link here or go to the menu and select Register. 


 Here is the schedule summary.  Details are below for each class. 

Registration ends Oct 7.  There are 5 weeks starting Oct 10 and ending Nov 16. 

Classes will be held Mon - Wed fro 5:30pm - 7pm of each week except the week of Nov 7. 

There won't be classes the week of Nov 7.


The Signup Form is at the Bottom of this Page Below the Class Descriptions



 Intro to Robotics

This session focuses on circuits and robots.  Students will put circuits together and see them work. They will work on DIY robotics.  They will leave with an appreciation of basic robots, circuitry and computing.

Students will get an understanding of the world of computers.

Ages 9-17                                                         

  • Basic Robotics


 Cost: $275.  Qualify for a 20% discount by registering for 2 or more sessions or referring another student.


Dates and Times:

Explorer 1-Robotics and Automation - Oct 10 - Nov 16, 2022
Monday - Wednesday - 5:30pm to 7pm


The Sign Up Form is at the Bottom of this Page Below the Class Descriptions

Python Coding Basics


This class focuses on learning to code for the first time.  We start with coding concepts and flowcharting to introduce logical thinking.  We move to Python coding and continue with logical thinking.  Students will learn how technical problems are broken down logically to develop coding solutions.  It gives students opportunities to practice coding on a variety of subjects learning both the command structures and the logic.    

Students will leave with many coding experiences that can be used in learning other languages or in developing more advanced skills in Python.

Ages 9-17                                                         

  • Python Coding 
  • Logical Thinking

Cost: $55/week or $275 total.  Qualify for a 20% discount by referring another student.

 - can pay weekly or in full in advance 


Dates and Times:

Explorer-Python Coding Basics -  Oct 10 - Nov 16, 2022
Monday - Wednesday - 5:30pm to 7pm


Registration Form

Application for BYOC Camps and Clubs

Classes will be held Mon - Wed from 5:30pm - 7pm and Saturdays from 11am - 2pm.
Classes start Oct 10 and end Nov 16.
Classes will not be held the week of Nov 7 (afterschool classes) and Oct 29 (Sat class).

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