Camp BYOC is a community focused educational organization that teaches youth how to build computers. Our goal is to ignite a passion for technology in youth and create future technology innovators. Students who successfully complete the camp get to keep the computer that they build.  There are camps all year round with expanded technology options for students to continue learning and growing in the technology realm.

Founded by Robin Walker of CDM Technologies, Camp BYOC is one way CDM gives back to the community.

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Camp Info

We have camps available to youth of various ages. The price breakdowns and age ranges are described below. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the camp or its operation, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Contact Us.

YOU Should Apply!

This is an ideal camp for youth between ages 10-17 who:

  • show interest in computers or technology
  • are strong academically
  • are analytical
  • like to...

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Fall/Winter/Spring Camps

Students who are of the required age and have an interest in technology are eligible to register for the Fall/Winter/Spring sessions.

Some sessions and/or series have pre-requisites which are listed where...

Past Camps

Since beginning in 2014, Camp BYOC has invested and trained approximately 100 students to build and maintain their own computers. Each year we have improved the program to add younger students and grow the skills...

  • Explore the world of computer technology. A series of 1 week sessions designed to expose the student to computer technology concepts including the history, current and future trends.  The student will understand the many facets of technology with hands on experiences.

    The student will leave with an appreciation of how computers work and how they have helped shape society.  They will leave with new knowledge, hands on experience and depending the sessions taken, a Raspberry Pi computer.

    Ages 10-17                                                         

    • Monday - Friday - 9am to 5pm
    • Exposure to Computer Concepts
    • Exposure to Computer History, Today's and Future Trends
    • Intro to Coding
    • Intro to Building
    • Intro to Circuitry
    • Intro to the Raspberry Pi computer
    • Intro to Physical Computing
    • Intro to Python Programming
    • Intro to Applications - Graphic Design, Web Design, Music Development
    • Intro to 3D Printing                              

    Interested students can take the complete series or enter the Jr Engineering camps. 

    A complete roster of sessions will be published.

    Cost: $250/week

  • A series of 1 week sessions designed to take the student from understanding the basics of computer technology to coding.  For a new student, the basic 3 week series allows the student to learn the science of computer technology, learn how to build a computer, build and program that computer.

    For those who have already built their computer, the sessions will allow the student to solidify their skills and prepare them to move to more advanced technology.

    Ages 12-17

    New Students

    • Three sessions - one week each
    • Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm
    • Computer Hardware - Build Your Own Computer
    • Intro to Networking
    • Intro to Computer Graphics
    • Intro to Coding
    • Write Your Own Python Program
    • Basic 3D Printing
    • Understand Technology in Society
    • Understand the History, Current Trends and Future of Computer Technology
    • Exposure to the many Facets of Computer Technology

    Cost: 250/week

  • Ages 12+ - Associate & Senior Engineering Summer Camps

    Associate and Senior Engineering camps are 1 week each.  Several topics are covered some of which are listed below.

    Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills at the lower Engineering camp levels.

    • Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm
    • Laptop hardware
    • Intro to Computer Repair
    • Basic Networking
    • Advanced Basic and Intermediate Programming
    • Web Development and App Development
    • Intermediate Graphic Design and Intro to Animation
    • 3D Printing
    • Intro to Data Modeling
    • Apply Technology Skills to Project(s)
    • Trip to Silicon Valley to see tech companies first hand
    Cost: $250 for each week.
  • After completing the Senior Engineering Summer Camp, students can continue growing their technical and leadership skills by becoming a mentor to other students.  They teach sessions and coach students.
    They teach sessions during the Intro to Engineering and Jr Engineering summer camps.  They coach new students as they learn to build their own computer.  They continue building their technical skills through more advanced project work throughout the summer.

    Call for more details.
  • Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions
    Ages 10-17
    • Three times a Month
    • Saturdays 11 pm - 4 pm
    • Several Series to Choose From
      • Intro to Building
      • Intro to Coding
      • Intro to Circuitry
      • Next Level Coding
      • Robotics and Physical Computing

    Cost: $45/session

    New youth are welcome and all past camp participants are eligible.

    Key requirement is to be interested.

    See calendar for specific dates.

    Ages - 10-17

  • A competition team in the making.  Applicants must be Camp BYOC students and must qualify to join.

    Preparation sessions to join this team will be held once a month beginning in November 2018 and go through March 2019.  See the calendar for specific dates.  

    Those who have qualified will begin project work once a month starting in November 2018.


    Cost: $45 for each session

"I never dreamed that I would ever build my own computer, but I did."   

-- A. Rodriguez, Cincinnati


”Camp BYOC is a great opportunity for students and was a great success this year (2017). I started off as a student in 2014 and came back as a volunteer for the past two years”.   

--David Fowler, Jr., Cincinnati


"The trip to California (2015) was a tremendous  experience! Being able to visit five different major companies  had one common effect on me and that is dreams really come true! This great opportunity put me on a different road to greatness, to make a difference in the world. I'm now a dream maker and catcher, this trip will always live with me!"   

--Kayln Lee, Cincinnati


"I got to get on a plane and go to California! We went to Silicon Valley and had an exciting, almost once in a lifetime experience. We went to big companies like SAAMA, HP, FACEBOOK, INTEL, and CISCO. These companies change technology, making it easier and easier to work on and use computers. Thank you very much for helping us have this experience." 

--Brandon Thomas, Cincinnati


"My time at BYOC has been amazing. I was apart of the associate camp (2015)... ,Camp BYOC Forever!!!!!!"

--Khalil Thomas, CIncinnati


"It was the excitement, creativity, curiosity and accomplishment of each youth that made the program transformative and equipped them with a life skill"   

-- Father T. Babb, Cincinnati

Your Help & Support Is Critical

Volunteer Help And Support

We need volunteers to assist with running the camps, teaching students, updating the camp course curriculum, fundraising, and marketing. Our biggest and most challenge endeavor is an "end of summer camp" trip to Silicon Valley for select Jr. & Sr. Engineering students, chaperons, and camp administrators.

Fundraising efforts are key to providing financial aid to the students for the trip and for helping to reduce other student expenses, like hardware and software.

Camp BYOC has several working committees that assist with operations:

Special Events

If you would like to support us by joining one of our Camp BYOC committees, please click the volunteer button below.

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