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"Igniting a Passion for Technology in Youth"

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Camp Registration is Closed for the Summer. You can sign up for the Fall and Winter Sessions Now.
Camp Registration is Closed for the Summer. You can sign up for the Fall and Winter Sessions Now.

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Camp BYOC is a 501(c)3 organization that develops extraordinary minority youth for STEM careers.

Our mission is to ignite a passion for technology in youth and prepare them for exciting, lucrative careers.  We engage and train students from the initial introduction to technology at age 9 until they graduate to post-high school education and careers. Through our camps, young students (and their parents) come to realize that computer science, design and other STEM fields are not only something they can aspire to, but they are also fun. 


Camp BYOC is changing the game and making the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Tri-State area the largest technological training hub for minority youth in the country.  Camp BYOC is a motivating and energizing experience that transforms the life and career trajectories for many campers. Past participants describe their experience in Camp BYOC as life-changing.


Students who successfully complete the camp get to keep the computer that they build.  There are camps all year round with expanded technology options for students to continue learning and growing in the technology realm.


Founded by Robin Walker of Technology, Tailor Made in 2014, Camp BYOC is one way Technology, Tailor Made gives back.





Explore the world of zeros and ones, the world of computer technology.  A series of 1 week sessions designed to expose the student to computer technology concepts including the history, current and future trends.  The student will get a taste of many facets of computer technology and have hands on experiences.  The Engineering sessions go deeper into technologies.  Building a computer is our signature allowing students to have a unique experience.  Many options for developing skills in preparation for college or other career paths are offered. 

We take local field trips to visit companies involved in technology.  We visit Silicon Valley to see technology giants up close.

We have camps available to youth from ages 9 to 17. The fees and ages are described below. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the camp or its operation, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or Contact Us



Tech Ed and Careers

Tech Ed and Careers

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