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About Us


Camp BYOC (Build Your Own Computer) was founded by Robin Walker, President/CEO of TTM Technologies, a computers sales and service business that focuses on delivering a full range of support and product offerings to consumers and small business enterprises.

The first camp was held in August 2014 and had 9 students ranging in age from 11-14. Students built their own computer while learning the science of how hardware and software interact and integrate to produce one of society's most important tools.  And they got to keep the computer.  In 2017 BYOC became a non-profit. 

Since the beginning we have worked with over 800 youth ages 8-17 and have expanded the program to add a wide array of technologies.  During 2023 we worked with 150 youth during the summer reaching youth from 27 communities in Greater Cincinnati.  BYOC hosted its 2nd BYOC Youth Tech Summit and launched the BYOC Robotics Club.

TTM and BYOC are thankful to Father Trevor Babb who championed the program and helped establish a sponsor and partnership with St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. Father Babb invested his personal time and worked with the Episcopal Diocese to fund a significant portion of the program. What we accomplished that first year was well beyond our goals and objectives.


BYOC Staff and Board Organization

BYOC Exec Director

Robin Walker - Cell - 513-377-1679


BYOC Director of Operations

Jasmine Clark - Office - 513-549-8308


BYOC Administrative Assistant

Deliyah Thomas - Office -513-549-8308


BYOC Teachers

Eddie Bassin

Jasmine Clark 

Robin Walker

Gina Laster


Parent Committee

Gina Laster

Brian White

Sabura Wilson


Board of Directors

Robin Walker - Chairperson

Jasmine Clark - Secretary

Cassandra Fowler

Randi Burlew

Elonda Bradley

Richard Hutson

Channell Smith

Past BYOC Camps


Since beginning in 2014, Camp BYOC has invested and trained many students to build and maintain their own computers. Each year we have improved the program to add younger students and grow the skills and experiences of returning students.  We now have camps all year round designed for different age groups, skill levels and maturity. In the future we plan to expand the beyond Cincinnati to other major cities/communities.

  • 2014: PILOT Jr Engineering Camp, Ages 11-14 
  • 2015: Expanded Engineering Camps, Ages 12-14; Associate Engineer's trip to Silicon Valley
  • 2016: Added Sr Engineering Camp
  • 2017: Added the Exploratory Camp, Ages 9-11; Continued Engineering Camps-Ages 12-17,
  •           2nd Trip to Silicon Valley
  • 2018: Expanded Exploratory Camp and Started Saturday Club Sessions
  • 2019: Expanded All Camps, 3rd Trip to Silicon Valley.  The largest camp size with 87 youth across 8 weeks
  • 2020: Added virtual Camps and limited Camps to small in-person sizes with lots of protective protocols due to Covid-19
  • 2021: Added STEM Fundamentals to the Explorer Camps
  • 2022: Hosted the first BYOC Youth Tech Summit
  • 2023: Added youth age 8 to the Explorer Camps and held the largest size with 150 youth across 8 weeks. Visited Silicon Valley for the 4th time. Launched the Robotics Club and hosted the second BYOC Youth Tech Summit.

About The Founder - Robin Walker

robin sm

I have been an IT professional for over 30 years. I worked for Procter & Gamble for 24 years developing, managing and supporting technology for many business units both in the U.S. and abroad. Created technology strategy and implementation plans to enable business success. Worked with associates in Europe, Asia and Mexico to build global technology infrastructure and applications which supported global business models in product development and manufacturing.

Building on my Procter & Gamble experiences, I created Business & Gaming Technologies, Inc. to offer technology solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area and Indianapolis.

We offer computing/networking technologies, web solutions, and office technologies to businesses. We sell hardware components and provide repair services to retail customers at CDM Computers (local retail stores) in Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

I founded BYOC Camps and Clubs for several reasons. I have always looked for ways to give back to the community through my business. BYOC allows me to share my skills and experiences with the upcoming generation giving them a head start in technology. As an African American woman, I know the challenges African Americans and women face in technology. Besides there being too few people in technology overall, very few are women or minority. The statistics haven't changed in over 30 years. BYOC gives me the opportunity to impact those statistics and help prepare others like me for the journey. The excitment of learning technology, the joy in seeing ideas come to life, the determination to overcome technical challenges, BYOC is preparation ground for the future.

What Parents/Students/Supporters Say

"Because of BYOC, Nia is able to see possibilities instead of limitations. She has ventured into a more creative filmmaking path but I am grateful that she believes in herself enough to pursue it and I do think that in part is thanks to her experience at Camp BYOC. She went to California, she practiced coding, programmed robots... heck, she made her own computer from scratch. I am starting to believe she thinks she can do anything! It's a beautiful place for her to be in as she begins her career journey."

Ashley Ferguson - 2024

Congratulations to 2020 Nation of Neighbors℠ recipient Robin Walker! Ms. Walker’s Cincinnati-based BYOC CAMPS and CLUBS-Build Your Own Computer encourages young people, especially minorities and underrepresented students, to get excited about technology and consider a potential career in computers. Learn more at https://bit.ly/3cRvmnx.

2020 Nation of Neighbors℠

In shouting our good news about my grandson choosing to major in computer science, I neglected to give props to Robin Walker, whose summer program, Camp BYOC (BUILD YOUR OWN COMPUTER) was the wind beneath my grandson’s wings. Robin’s summer program was intense but created for youth. In this program, Adam found his future by learning the intricacies of computer science, and yes, he did build his own computer through this program. Thank you Robin Walker, because of your dedication and your vision, my grandson’s path and future have been laid before him. Jenny Laster – 4/21/21

Jenny Laster - 2021

I got to get on a plane and go to California! We went to Silicon Valley and had an exciting, almost once in a lifetime experience. We went to big companies like SAAMA, HP, FACEBOOK, INTEL, and CISCO. These companies change technology, making it easier and easier to work on and use computers. Thank you very much for helping us have this experience. --B. Thomas, Cincinnati, OH 2015

B. Thomas - 2015

It was the excitement, creativity, curiosity and accomplishment of each youth that made the program transformative and equipped them with a life skill. -- Father T. Babb, Cincinnati, OH 2015

Father T. Babb - 2015

Camp BYOC has been phenomenal for my daughter. She is really strongly considering a career in technology and enjoys the time she gets to spend learning this new language. Ashley F. - Cincinnati, OH 2018

Ashley F.- 2018