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   BYOC Testimonials


"Because of BYOC, Nia is able to see possibilities instead of limitations. She has ventured into a more creative filmmaking path but I am grateful that she believes in herself enough to pursue it and I do think that in part is thanks to her experience at Camp BYOC. She went to California, she practiced coding, programmed robots... heck, she made her own computer from scratch. I am starting to believe she thinks she can do anything! It's a beautiful place for her to be in as she begins her career journey."


Ashley Ferguson, Cincinnati, OH - April 2024 


In shouting our good news about my grandson choosing to major in computer science, I neglected to give props to Robin Walker, whose summer program, Camp BYOC (BUILD YOUR OWN COMPUTER) was the wind beneath my grandson’s wings. Robin’s summer program was intense but created for youth. In this program, Adam found his future by learning the intricacies of computer science, and yes, he did build his own computer through this program.

Thank you Robin Walker, because of your dedication and your vision, my grandson’s path and future have been laid before him.

Jenny Laster, Cincinnati, OH – April 2021


Camp BYOC has been phenomenal for my daughter. She is really strongly considering a career in technology and enjoys the time she gets to spend learning this new language.

Ashley F. - Cincinnati, OH 2018


”Camp BYOC is a great opportunity for students and was a great success this year (2017). I started off as a student in 2014 and came back as a volunteer for the past two years”.   

--David Fowler, Jr., Cincinnati, OH 2017


"I never dreamed that I would ever build my own computer, but I did."   

-- A. Rodriguez, Cincinnati, OH 2015



"The trip to California (2015) was a tremendous  experience! Being able to visit five different major companies  had one common effect on me and that is dreams really come true! This great opportunity put me on a different road to greatness, to make a difference in the world. I'm now a dream maker and catcher, this trip will always live with me!"   

--Kayln Lee, Cincinnati, OH 2015


"I got to get on a plane and go to California! We went to Silicon Valley and had an exciting, almost once in a lifetime experience. We went to big companies like SAAMA, HP, FACEBOOK, INTEL, and CISCO. These companies change technology, making it easier and easier to work on and use computers. Thank you very much for helping us have this experience." 

--Brandon Thomas, Cincinnati, OH 2015


"My time at BYOC has been amazing. I was apart of the associate camp (2015)... ,Camp BYOC Forever!!!!!!"

--Khalil Thomas, CIncinnati, OH 2015


"It was the excitement, creativity, curiosity and accomplishment of each youth that made the program transformative and equipped them with a life skill"   

-- Father T. Babb, Cincinnati, OH 2015


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