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Call Us: Office - 513-549-8308       Cell - 513-377-1679

Volunteer Committees

Camp BYOC has several working committees that assist with operations:

Special Events

If you would like to support us by joining one of our Camp BYOC committees, please click the volunteer button below.

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Volunteer Help And Support

Volunteer Help And Support

We need volunteers to assist with running the camps, teaching students, updating the camp course curriculum, fundraising, and marketing. Our biggest and most challenge endeavor is an "end of summer camp" trip to Silicon Valley for select Jr. & Sr. Engineering students, chaperons, and camp administrators.

Fundraising efforts are key to providing financial aid to the students for the trip and for helping to reduce other student expenses, like hardware and software.


Summer Camp Classes 2020

Explorer Camps



Explore the world of zeros and ones, the world of computer technology. A series of 1-week sessions designed to expose the student to computer technology concepts including the history, current and future trends. The student will get a taste of many facets of computer technology and have hands-on experiences.

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Engineering Camps



 Take your learning experience of computer technology to a deeper level. A series of 1-week sessions designed to take the student on a journey through the world of technology. The journey starts at the basics and progresses to more advanced technologies.  The student has the option to build a new computer that they keep. Students learn to code and understand the history, current and future trends in technology. 

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